is a unique and innovative surfacing material indoors and outdoors

The surfacing material DEKTON, unique and innovative in the global context, consists of 100% natural components, by incorporating the best properties of natural materials with the benefits of artificial materials. This innovative ceramic-type material is nature-friendly and easy to combine with other materials.

Similarly to Silestone, the advantages of Dekton are the wide range of colours, uniform colour and structure. Thereby Dekton is harder, thicker and higher-quality material than Silestone and as a result it is practically maintenance-free.

The manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee to Dekton furnishings.

The thickness of the tile is one striking peculiarity of Dekton. The regular ceramic tile is 10 mm thick, Dekton tiles can be ordered within 8-30 mm.

Dekton is the best choice for modern kitchen, as it is fire resistant and does not get dirty.

In the office of KIVIKODA OÜ you can see the range of Dekton tiles in 40 different tones and 3 various thicknesses. The product range is constantly increasing.

In 2016 one member of Dekton’s materials – Dekton XGloss – got the international Red Dot Design Award.