from consultation to installation

KIVIKODA OÜ renders full service from consultation to installation to its clients – kitchen and bathroom studios, furniture producers, architectural bureaus and interior architects.

We perform all necessary measurements on the object, order materials, cut these into size, treat the surface and install. We find the most suitable solutions for classical as well as custom-made kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, sanitary rooms, terraces, grill sites, grill houses and elsewhere where unique, presentable, nice and user-friendly solution is needed.

Our plant manufactures big wall and floor tiles, covering the whole existing surface based on the project drawings, also inner stairs, external stairs, windowsills, fireplace tiles, kitchen worktops, kitchen and bathroom sinks, but also pillars, sculptures and big funeral monuments. We have long and thorough experience also in facade works: from cutting the facade tiles into size up to their installation.

Our production area on 1000m² is equipped with modern machinery, specially ordered, arranged and adapted pursuant to the requirements of our clients, which can perform more different operations than regular stone working machinery. We always keep pace with the production technologies of both machinery and raw materials and training of employees.

All samples are available and can be seen in the warehouse located in the vicinity of the city centre of Tallinn before final decision-making. The tiles of natural stone as well as engineered stone have been stored so that these could be comfortably examined in the well-lighted room.

We wish to provide the world’s best and up-to-date solutions at the Estonian stone market that make the most exclusive dreams of our clients come true. The long-term cooperation with the suppliers ensures the top quality of reasonable price.