the best known global trademark of engineered quartzite

Silestone could be surely called the global trademark number 1 of the engineered stone. Although consisting of natural quartz within more than 90%, it is high-tech artificial material.

The trump of Silestone is an outstanding quality: this is strong, easy-to- maintain material that hardly ever gets grimy. The advantages of Silestone are also large and diverse range of colours, uniform colour tone without variations and producer’s continuous development work which guarantees that the material always complies with the requirements becoming increasingly stricter.

Although Silestone was initially created foremost by considering the needs of kitchens, this is a remarkable solution also for bathrooms and other wet premises.

Differently from other trademarks of engineered stone the product range of Silestone includes, besides worktops, also kitchen and bathroom sinks of exactly the same material and colour tones.

For the purpose of high-quality final outcome Silestone is the best choice for interiors and it is rather not fit for outdoor conditions.

The manufacturer gives a 25-year guarantee to Silestone tiles.

In the office of KIVIKODA OÜ you can see the range of Silestone engineered quartzite tiles of 60 different tones, 3 ways of special processing and 3 various types of thickness.

Being a gold client of Silestone manufacturer, we are able to provide the best value for money at the Estonian market to our clients.
We offer free samples to kitchen and furniture studios.