Maintenance products

nice and unique look and user-friendliness for decades

The natural stone surfaces preserve their nice and unique look and user-friendliness for decades, if correctly maintained. There are special maintenance products for natural stone. The frequency of maintenance depends on the place of use of stone surface and its intensiveness.

If kitchen worktops in private use should be maintained once a year, bar counters of the restaurant, cafe or club should be cleaned at least once a month.

There are different maintenance and protection products of stone surfaces: some are meant only for the protection of surface without changing the natural look of the stone, others protect as well as help to highlight the natural colour of stone, by creating the so-called wet stone effect.

The product range of KIVIKODA OÜ includes TENAX high-quality maintenance products DEEPER, HYDREX and AGER, specially meant for maintenance and protection of natural stone. Proceeding from the stone surface under maintenance and its usage purpose, we can always recommend the best and most efficient stone maintenance solution for our clients.

In addition to stone surface protection TENAX helps to bring the natural colour of stone more intensively to the fore.

The stone glues of the same trademark are so strong and of high-quality that the joint of stone tiles is stronger than the stone itself.

The suitable maintenance product with so-called “food contact allowed“-sign for kitchen worktops is DEEPER which protects the surface and brings the colour of the stone surface brighter to the fore.

The most suitable products for maintenance of stone surfaces located in the outdoor conditions, having no food contact,  are HYDREX with the stronger concentration of maintenance agents, leaving the colour of stone natural and AGER which makes the colour of the stone deeper and more intensive.

The protection products are not necessary for Silestone and Dekton surfaces – daily cleaning is sufficient.

Usage instructions